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Bonus Page: My "Special" Trucker's Knot

This is the knot I learned when I was little. I've heard it called by many other names, such as "waggoner's hitch," "dolly," "lorry," "sheep shank," and "Nanking."

My Special Trucker's Knot

It's used to tie down the cargo on a truck's bed. You don't have to find the end of the rope to make this knot. And you can really, really tighten it just by pulling. One long rope can go from one hook to the next, with each knot separately tied.

The wonderful thing about this knot is that you can undo it by simply twisting the top loop. You can't do that with a "regular" trucker's knot some boy scouts may know. I always teach this knot to my new workers. It really comes in handy!

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